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We strive to enable digitization within the Planetary Boundaries. 

Our goal is to decouple the growth of IT demand from its energy and resource requirement.


To achieve this, we are combining the competencies of Data Center Technology, Real Estate Development, and Renewable Energy and Energy Markets.


Awards and References for the Technology

Project Development of Data Centers

with technical innovation offering turnkey solutions

We Offer Sites for your Data Center

We maintain a portfolio of sites ready for development. To reduce the time from design to operations, we pre-select, pre-qualify, secure and prepare sites, which can be used as a data center location for your project. 

We Plan and Design your Data Center

Standardized construction and optimized project schedules reduce risk and investment costs when building your data center. To reduce the time from design to operations, we offer a standardized design that can be tailored to customers' needsYour projects are completed on time and with resource-saving methods.

We Build your Data Center in 6 Months

We offer you a future-proof architecture and cutting-edge technical design. We use well-rehearsed lean construction and takt-planning methods, and we use pre-fabricated components assembled on site with minimum-time requirement to build a multi-level white space. Our awarded concept for patented water-cooling technology and simple and compact design reduces the space and volume requirements of your data centers.

We Manage your Data Center

Thanks to our resilient design concept, we guarantee the highest availability and data center uptime. However, to make sure everything is running smoothly and at its best, and if you do not have your own solution, we can assist you with the facility management to keep your data center operational and uptime 24/7.

We Finance and Lease your Data Center

You will profit from flexible financing models. Your financial benefits are extended to every phase of the project and beyond. Through NDC-GARBE, you can lease data center infrastructure without using your own capital investments. You can reduce your OpEx and CapEx reaching 50% lower TCO.

NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe

a joint venture between NDC Data Centers and GARBE Industrial Real Estate

NDC Data Centers is the technology carrier of NDC-GARBE. NDC’s Purpose is to enable digitization within planetary boundaries through decoupling the growth of data centers from their energy and resource requirements and eventually dematerializing them.

To reach this goal, NDC is taking a holistic approach looking at:

Innovative Cooling Technology

System Construction through modular building design, usage of green materials and end of life considerations

Digitization of the value chain

Lean Process Management throughout the planning, construction and operation cycle

Whole System Thinking linking into Smart City design

Organizational design according to exponential principles and Teal Management

NDC Data Centers website

Through our mother company GARBE Industrial Real Estate, one of the key players in the industrial real estate business in Europe, NDC-GARBE can now offer pre-qualified and secured sites, which can be used as a data center location in your project.

GARBE Industrial Real Estate:

One of the key players in the industrial real estate business in Europe

Founded in 1965

Owned by families GARBE and NIXDORF

Branches in German Top 6 cities, London (UK), Amsterdam (NL) and Luxemburg (L)

>100 employees

>140 industrial and logistical assets

>2.5 Billion AuM, >3.7 Million sqm, allocated in Germany, Netherlands, France and Austria

26 projects, >800,000 sqm under development

GARBE Industrial Real Estate website

Projects Ready for Development

Munich, Germany

Project MARIE

Plot size: 17,000 m²

Power Supply: 40 MW

Frankfurt East, Germany


Plot size: 35,500 m²

Power Supply: 10 MW
(upgraded to 40 MW within 12 months)

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Available Locations

More than 140 sites available for data center projects. Are you looking for a site in Europe?

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